On Dec 13th IVC High School Inducted the following Track and Field athletes. The Track Hall of Fame Inductees inducted December 13th are;

Adam Miller, Tyler Pence, Nick Hayward, Michael Ordaz, Carl Ruthman, Josh Marshall, Keith Schonberger, Kyle Harris, Kyle Prout, Nick Wyzgowski, Jeff Carlson, Zach Glavash (established member) Erica Buster, Cassandra Judy, Stefanie Cheney, Laura Gerke, Rachel Lutrell, Sarah McKillip, Julie Stevenson, Molly McMorrow, Stacy Shilson, Andrea Smith

Events/Teams and year:

2000 - 4x800 meter relay 3rd place: Glavash, Hayward, Ordaz, Ruthman

2001- 4x800 meter relay 3rd place: Glavash, Marshall, Ordaz, Schonberger

2001- 4x400 meter relay 3rd place: Glavash, Carlson, Ordaz, Schonberger

2006- 4x100 meter relay 4th place: Harris, Pence, Prout, Wyzgowski

2000- long jump  3rd place and 1st place in triple jump: Adam Miller

2006- pole vault  1st place: Tyler Pence

1998- 4x200 meter relay  4th place: Cheney, Gerke, Lutrell, McKillip

1999- 4x400 meter relay  3rd place and 4th place in 4x200 meter relay: Cheney, Gerke, McKillip, Stevenson

2001- 800 meter medley relay: Gerke, McMorrow, Shilson, Smith

2004- 800 meter run  2nd place: Erica Buster

2001- Pole Vault  2nd place: Cassandra Judy


Hall of Fame Wrestlers Inducted January 8th, 2014. From left to right former coach Greg Easter, Zach Schroeder, Tim Ladd, former coach Mark Kozinski, Jeff Bybee

2008 IVC Baseball Team Inducted into the IVC Hall of Fame